Founder of Ibiza Funky Yoga Retreat
Yoga Instructor
Cacao Ceremony Facilitator 
Moon Priestess

Master's degree in Psychology (France)

Hatha yoga & Vinyasa Flow Teacher  (India) RYS 200 YA

Yin Yang yoga teacher RYS 200 YA (Ibiza)

Yin Yoga teacher YA (Ibiza) 

Reiki I and 2 certified (Ibiza) 

Keith´s Cacao Practitioner program (Guatemala)

ISTA level1 - Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (Mexico)

After a Master's degree in Psychology, the two last years in Japan will be the release of a new chapter in her life , the chapter of travels, the melting pot of cultures and meetings, freedom.

In 2014, Antonella decided to settle down in Ibiza, her big crush, her magic island.

The intensive practice of yoga and meditation were transformed into vocation. She decided from now on to pass on these techniques and to make people happy, as much as possible. She decided to create Ibiza Funky Yoga Retreat : 

A mix of yoga, fun, pleasure and much more in an oasis in Ibiza. 

​She has the know-how to concoct you the miracle solution:
Mix spirituality with a touch of festivity,
Add care of body and spirit,  be ready to taste,

the magic is ready!

Shamanic BREATHWORK led by Ksenia Goryainova, Ibiza based facilitator who’s greatest passion to hold sacred spaces to invite:

- Self Healing- Self Realization & - Self Love -

After spending 15 years living in London, out of which 10 in High End Fine Jewellery, Ksenia set off on 8month self discovery worldwide journey to find her purpose and moved to Ibiza upon her return 5 year ago. Amongst numerous self development studies, retreats and experiences-  the most prominent are:

•Alchemy of Breath 1 year long study of Breath and Trauma
•3 Intensive 10day Breathwork Retreats
•10 and 21day Vipassana Retreats in Buddhist Temple in Thailand
•various Plant Medicine Experiences
•Hatha, Yin & YinYang Yoga Teacher Training Courses
•4 life changing Tony Robbins seminars: -Unleash The Power Within, London
-Life Mastery and Wealth Mastery, both in Fiji
-Date with Destiny, Boca Raton, Florida

The driving force behind her sessions, either it is 1-2-1 or a group session, is the desire to:

- develop capacity to listen to subtle messages of the body and to trust intuition
- soften emotional armouring and re-evaluate self defence mechanisms
- release past trauma residue and invite integration
- explore non ordinary states of consciousness and brain wave states
- welcome and process emotions to experience liberation and inner freedom
- find alignment within and receive insights
- experience yourself beyond your stories, perceptions and conditioning
- heal on all levels and forgive yourself, past and others
- love and embrace all parts, especially those we do not like

Ksenia’s mission is to plug humanity back into their bodies, hearts and feelings and to expand collective consciousness

Despite of being a yogi, Ksenia do not favour rigidness and disciple to achieve harmony between Mind-Body-Spirit but rather developing *somatic loving relationships with and between all 3.



Lena Sofie has a masters degree in somatic counselling psychology and is a somatic experiencing practitioner (trauma healer), certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, hypnotherapist, mindfulness and meditation instructor, as well as an initiated Mayan astrologer and fire and water priestess. She has a passion for indigenous cultures and traditions of healing, and she has studied with healers in Peru, Guatemala and Mexico. In 2010 she was initiated as a Mayan fire and water priestess in the highlands of Guatemala, and now carries a traditional Mayan altar passed down in the lineage of Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, a wisdom keeper of the Continental Council of Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas. Her teachers have also given her a rare water ceremony lineage passed down from Mayan Pokomam priest Don Julian Lopez Mendez. With over 25 years of experience, she elegantly weaves together indigenous wisdom teachings, shamanism, psychology, yoga, and mindfulness in her therapy, classes and workshops. Lena Sofie’s passion is helping others to heal, “come home”, remember who they are and embody their spirit. She is the creator of Phoenix Rising: Psychotherapy, Yoga & Workshops and Star Seed: Mayan Astrology and Ceremony.

Mayan Water Ceremony FACILITATOR 

Lena Sophie 

Karmic Numerology is Ancestral wisdom.

On the day we were born, we were imprinted with a plan and a purpose, so that through these important numbers we can discover who we really are and which is our true calling in life.

Your Karmic Numerology Chart is calculated using your date of birth and converting all the letters of your name into numbers. The information that comes through is incredibily detailed and rich of information about your life purpose, your soul, your personality, your gifts and your mission. You will also be guided through a new understanding of your karma and your shadow side, what it is, how it affects your daily life and how you can heal it.

This kind of reading is a precious opportunity for you to have more clarity, to transform your perspective and upgrade your consciousness giving you the chance to be more focused on what you want to achieve and completely turn your life around.

Karmic Numerology 


Microkinesitherapie - french therapy 

As on a big map, he is reading your body and your personal history. Because your body is speaking yes 

After the reading, he treats you step by step, the visceral system, nervous system, emotional system, skeletal system & cranial system. You will feel clean, reboot, full of energy . 

This technic can treat all the functional troubles, disease, dysfunctions your body can have. Charles has been practicing for 15 years and teaching for 6 years. .

Microkinésithérapie (French therapy) 


Astrology is an ancient science, practiced by many cultures for centuries. The core of astrology is the metaphysical principle that reflects the qualities of planetary energies and how they manifest. Many times in life, we evaluate our options and are in need of direction. We all have the potential to improve, yet most of us don´t have access to the needed guidance and information to make it flow. Your astrological chart holds detailed information about your life purpose, your soul, your blockages, your abilities and your mission. Natasha is an astrologer from Ibiza also known as the Cosmic Girl. She is the proud author of the horoscope columns in two Ibizan newspapers; Ibiza Optimista & Ibiza Kurier. and offers her services in several languages. Her mission and her passion is to guide others on their path by translating the messages of the planetary aspects. With her astrological knowledge and the ability to explain the energies of the planets in our Universe, she can help you reach a greater understanding of yourself, your gifts and your path in life based on your birth chart. Together you will delve into details from the past and present, which enables her to provide useful information to make the necessary life-changes in the near future. You too can recreate your path and make the most of it. Whether you are reconsidering your career choices, your love life, or any other life matter, she can help you on your route to divine timing. Namaste!


The cosmic Girl 


lhem, who’s name means “Inspiration”, has been a vibrant and respected vocalist and vocal coach for almost two decades. 

Her voice being shaped by singing since the age of 10 and the discovery of jazz along with years of experience and experimenting on a broad spectrum of musical fields and stages worldwide, the profound therapeutic aspect of singing became soon evident to her . 

Some years ago embracing her own spiritual journey, from the jungle in Peru, up to Monasteries in Myanmar, discovering meditation among other powerful tools, she was guided to use her talent to transmit more than songs.

That's how she crafted her own techniques , based on her years of experience as a singer and through her own personal journey, to support people in their path of self-healing and reconnecting with their deeper and inner-voice, following the idea of Yehudi Menuhin that: ” When one sings from his soul, he cures at the same time his internal world. If everybody sings from his soul and they are one with the music, they cure at the same time also the external world. “ 

Meanwhile, Ilhem became a certified Sound-Yoga teacher at the “Instituts des arts de la voix” by Patrick Torre in France, including consciously the vibrant energy of mantras in her practice.

Now flitting between Berlin and Paris and wherever else her calling might take her, after having worked with several producers and songwriters (Ken Rose, Soulounge, Cafe del Mar) over the past decade, in jazz, soul, but also electronic music (Tobi Neumann, dOp, Masomenos, Mike Shannon), she is still going her own way to create an unique and eclectic sound born from her travelling, her vision of the world and her musical influences. .

Sound yoga teacher 

Ilhem - UMAY 

Antonella - Ibiza - ibizafunkyyogaretreat@gmail.com

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