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My life changing - Kundalini Activation Process

Mis à jour : 19 avr. 2020

I have been following spiritual practices for years, as a yoga teacher and founder of Ibiza Funky Yoga Retreat. I have experienced many techniques such as kundalini yoga, reiki, rebirthing, etc but my real “awakening” was the day I experienced Kundalini activation process (KAP).

I had my first Kundalini Activation Process with the master Venant Wong in August last year.

I had the immediate revelation that I wanted to become a Kundalini Activation Process facilitator.

In the following months, I had the chance to attend more sessions with the beautiful Ilze Skestere in Ibiza.In the mainwhile, I was already applying for the facilitator training in Tulum. And I am so grateful to have been chosen to attend it because it litteraly changed my life.

What is KAP ?

KAP is a transmission of the Life Force Energy. It is a transmission process, not a self-generating process such as kundalini yoga, tantra, etc. It is a path of surrender.

It is a very natural process that won’t shock your system in any way. This energy has an intelligence that will do exactly what your system needs in the moment.

During my first session we were lying on the floor, loud music was played, and Venant came to touch or point at different chakras or meridian points on my body. I started to move like a snake, with an experience of bliss state. I could really feel this energy moving inside my body. Happiness, laugh and joy were omnipresent during 3 days after the activation.

During another session my right hand started to mimic a snakehead. Then my arm was moving (like a snake) to all my chakras, up to the top of my head. My left arm started to move too, and both snakes soon met, like the lunar (left hand) & the solar (right)... Fingers to fingers, like they would kiss each other!

And suddenly my 2 hands were designing a heart. It was so beautiful, I felt so much love that I started to cry. The heart moved to my 3rd eye, then to the top of my head, back to my own heart and finished with Kali Mudra.

Each session was beautiful: in a bliss state, a current of energy would move my body into mudras and yoga postures. I was doing repetitive mudras like a highest priestess. I was speaking a weird language sometimes, that is called “light code” or “channeling”.

None of this was usual to my experience.

And came my life-changing:

My meditation sessions became more and more powerful. Kap was feeding my soul. The expansion of my horizons, my spiritual purpose and my sacred responsabilities were taking place. The divine potential within me was awakening at a higher turn of the creative spiral of consciousness.

My will to transmit this grace to other people was also definitely there. I keep my inner connection to Spirit as the highest priority.

During a KAP session you may also experience:

- Energetic: you are still, but you feel energy running through your body, tingling, sensation of electricity...

- Kinaesthetic: body movements, stretches, yoga postures, shaking, mudras...

- Bliss state

- Visual: sometimes the mind produces a sequence of images, light, visions, astral journey, 3rd eye activation.

- Emotional: you may experience some emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, joy, laughter, without any specific reason or explanation for that…

Remember that this is a clearing process. It brings the opportunity to look at, and release, all that has been hidden as a foundation of your beliefs about your life.

You can also experience the nonduality.

Nonduality is the human experience of oneness with all things; a sense of connection and identification with the entire universe. It is intimacy with everything. In this experience, the sense of being a witness or seer of things vanishes completely, and instead you feel yourself to be whatever thing you are beholding. You don’t see the mountain, you are the mountain. You don’t listen to a bird, you are the bird song. Awareness is no longer split into a experiencer and the thing that is experienced, there is just pure experience with no division. This experience of connection is the essence of nonduality. During the training, I understood this concept better.

My life is an omen of happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment. My being is ready now to share this gift with you. I am now organizing virtual kap session, due to current situation with coronavirus and lockdown constraint. But energy knows no boundary, and travels freely through time and space...

Now more than ever, you may need to keep your frequencies high, and awakening your kundalini will get you the ultimate tool for self-improvement, allowing long term positive changes.

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