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RAPE CIRCLE with Karina Maltez

Rapé (dume deshke) is an Amazonian indigenous medicine used to purify and balance the mind, body, and soul through the intention, attention, and the conscious blow.

It activates vital energy flow, creating more centered presence, that is fully connected to the “Here & Now” deeply grounded to Mother Earth.

“Magical Plant-Powder”

Traditionally used in ceremonial purposes, it consists of a powder made of a combination of carefully selected plants from the Amazon forest and sometimes Tobacco, which are dried, grained and crushed into ashes.

Received from the ancestral mystery, Rapé is used strictly as “medicine”, belonging to the list of knowledge and substances of their “pajelances” (healing rituals).

Each alchemical combination of plants from the forest like Jurema, Cumaru, Tsunu, Mulateiro, Emburana, Pau-Pereira, or Pariká, to name a few, reflects the tremendously useful purpose for purification, activating and connecting with Spirit through respiratory system, air, and ether, therefore every tribe of the region prepare their own sacred mix.

“Blow your overthinking-mind away”

The blow is a key factor in activating this medicinal powder, allowing Rapé elementals to be temporarily conducted to the receiver, therefore enlightening one’s energy.

The sacred powder is applied in both nostrils (one after the other), clearing blocks from the nasal ducts, expelling toxins and dissolving all lower energies of one’s energy field on a very deep level.

Applying this medicine, requires some types of special pipes made of wood, bones or stones. They have two holes, one for blowing and the other one to receive the blow in the nostril.

The Tepi is a longer version used when the medicine is served by another person and the Kuripe, is a V-shaped pipe used for self-application.

When the powder enters one’s body, consciousness expands and thoughts flow more clearly, fully present in the “Here and Now”, encouraging a state of pure consciousness.

Nevertheless, in case of channeling skills, Rapé can facilitate the activation of one’s gifts,

allowing the receiver to transcend the senses to more clarity into other planes.

Karina Maltez Walser

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