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What is your true calling in life ?

On the day we were born, we were imprinted with a plan and a purpose, so that through these important numbers we can discover who we really are and which is our true calling in life.

Silvia will do your Karmic Numerology Chart with passion. This chart is calculated using your date of birth and converting all the letters of your name into numbers.

The information that comes through is incredibily detailed and rich of information about your life purpose, your soul, your personality, your gifts and your mission. You will also be guided through a new understanding of your karma and your shadow side, what it is, how it affects your daily life and how you can heal it.

This kind of reading is a precious opportunity for you to have more clarity, to transform your perspective and upgrade your consciousness giving you the chance to be more focused on what you want to achieve and completely turn your life around.

Sessions are available in person during the retreat : English, Spanish, Italian.

To calculate your Chart she will need:

- your Date of birth

- your Name (if you have a second or more names, you have to mention the name you really feel identified with)

- your Surname (not married)

- your Mother surname (not married)

Don´t hesitate to book a session with her, she is magic as the numbers are !

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