Because Spirituality is not a meditative state but consciousness in Action ! 


Ibiza Funky Yoga retreat met DhBus Project In Tulum (Mexico) in November 2019. 

Adolescent sexual health and sexuality Education were the subjects. 

Planning new activities as yoga and meditations for January 2020 to support the children in Mexico were my next step to support this association. 

I'm feeling blessed to be part of this association. You are part of this project too ! 

In 2019, I gave 10€ per participant to our retreats to this project. Thank you Yogis 

DHBUS brings artistic, cultural and edu-entertainment activities (such as film screenings, itinerant art exhibitions, concerts, storytelling, theatre plays and puppet shows) closer to vulnerable and remote communities in Mexico.


They also work with local or foreign associations to organize workshops on various topics, such as human rights, pregnancy for young girls, basic financial education, or planet protection. 


From 2016 to 2018 their buses drove 50 000 kms in all provinces of Mexico. They've been talking directly to almost 115 000 children from 250 communities.

Through this initiative, the #DhBusProject, the sponsors and volunteers expect to bring substantial positive transformation in the social and cultural settings in target communities in Mexico.

The #DhBusProject comprises a host of small complementary steps. These steps all use a repertoire of education-cum-entertainment media to educate and empower the target communities. The target communities also gain through their contact with, and ongoing access to, the knowledge and expertise that #DhBusProject volunteers and sponsors can offer to the communities.

Target Communities in the State of Quitana Roo : 

Quintana Roo is the youngest of Mexican states. Therefore, it can be called the “Next Generation” of organized jurisdictions within Mexico. Since the #DhBusProject is also focused on the edutainment of youth in target communities, it is fair to say that the initiative is focused on the education and empowerment of Next Generation – the Next Generation of communities as well as Next Generation of leaders. Use of State-of-the-Art Media and Knowledge Tools The #DhBusProject expects to share with future leaders, through the use of entertainment media, the knowledge-tools needed to develop and implement oficial policies, priorities and legal frame, all working in harmony, to enhance respect for environmental and human rights. The main distinguishing feature of the #DhBusProject as compared to other charitable initiatives in Mexico, is the use by this project of films, other popular media and hands-on activities to deliver and spread knowledge in a simple and fun manner.



























General Objective : 

Bring vulnerable or remote communities closer to arts, education and entertainment; to encourage and favor community action to support harmonic and respectful living among peoples, their surroundings, and nature by using the potential of edu-entertainment to raise awareness and promote social change.

Specific Objectifs : 

Bring artistic, cultural and edu-entertainment activities (such as film screenings, itinerant art exhibitions, concerts, storytelling, theatre plays and puppet shows) closer to vulnerable and remote communities.


Favor comprehension, esteem and practice of human and nature’s rights through workshops delivered by local or foreign associations specializing on said topics. Identify alternative edu-entertainment interventions that help to improve people’s living conditions, in relation to their personal development as well as their social, cultural and environmental surroundings.


Endorse and promote activities that are consistent with the goals, objectives, principles and programs of the #DhBusProject.


Generate a unique and singular space, seizing the mobility and itinerant ability of the #DhBusProject to teach, learn and share teaching-learning experiences. 

More infos : 

Video of DHBUS PROJECT results 2018 : 

Teaching meditation to 60 kids on the 23.01.2020 at Francisco Umay school (Mexico) 

What an amazing day, It was the1st time for me teaching in Spanish. 

To encourage others and inspire them to be better, to feel better than before makes me feel so good too and so grateful. 

Antonella - Ibiza -

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